Discover exquisite and delicious tastings

Mango Shower

A premium restaurant set around a 120 year old mango tree.

This unique space with its chic seating, classic ageless decorum, and wooden furniture offers an elevated fine dining experience like never before. And with food that is luscious, this is the perfect paradise for any food lover.


The Veranda

An open-air restaurant set in the Veranda around a 120 year old house, beams with the atmosphere of refreshment and tranquility through nature.

The space with its vintage ornamentation and furnishings vocalizes the tales of colonial times. Reflecting the theme of calm and quiet, the menu is so designed to experience a delectable meal.


Garden Restaurant

Dine amidst nature at our open-air garden restaurant.

Be it lunch with a view, or a meal under the stars, our garden restaurant offers the perfect setting for this. Surround yourself with lush greenery and a picturesque pond, admire the charm of the heritage buildings, breath in fresh air, and savor the flavors of the delicious menu set at our garden restaurant which is sure to please.


Loft - A Budget Friendly Resto Bar

The showstopper being the majestic vintage chandeliers and wooden ceilings, Loft displays a space that is traditional yet unique in architecture and design.

Having the bar with its array of ageless drinks and with memorable food, this is the ultimate hangout spot to create bliss around the dinner table.


O Porto - The Bar

Designed to express a classic timeless setting, O Porto the bar.

With its highlights being the age-old wooden furniture, ceiling beams, and the bar area,
O Porto is a setting of an old and enduring antique in itself; Thus being the ideal location to enjoy food made to cherish.