Traditional, vintage, and antique are best when experienced here with us


Embracing the ancestry connected to this 120-year-old Christian Tharavadu, Mãi House Heritage Hotel celebrates the vintage and timeless ambience to which this colonial environment lends itself.

Quintessentially Colonial Style

The hotel is set in a traditional Christian 'tharavadu' which is over a 100 years old.

Our hospitality is inspired by the grandeur and warmth of this ancestral house. The building is lovingly restored to recreate the former glory of a space that celebrated life with elegance and poise. Today, we celebrate this heritage through a hotel experience that offers luxury and comfort in the cozy and unpretentious environment of a home.

Extraordinary experiences

Explore the deep meaning behind the serenity and grandeur of the colonial era and style.

Delicious dining

Gain the taste of an elevated and blissful dining experience.